Holi festival of colour with Tour Guide & Driver

Holi festival of colour

Syham and Mike at Udaipur with Tour Guide & Driver

Syham and Mike at Udaipur

Houseboat cruise through the backwater canals in Kerala with Tour Guide

Houseboat cruise through the backwater canals in Kerala

Pushkar cattle fair with Tour Guide & Driver

Pushkar cattle fair

Elephant ride in Jaipur with Tour Guide & Driver

Elephant ride in Jaipur

Rural India Tour with Guide & Driver

Villages of rural India

Himilayas with Tour Guide & Driver


Wildlife tour in Ranthambore National Park with Tour Guide & Driver

Wildlife tour in Ranthambore National Park

Rural village in Rajasthan with Tour Guide & Driver

Rural village in Rajasthan

If you’d like to book a magnificent personal tour across the Sub Continent, or you’d simply like the services of a reliable driver – we offer you a totally flexible and personal service.

India Personal Tours - Tour Guide & Driver
Trip Advisor - Certificate of Excellence 2016-2019

Our Travel Services

  • Plan your personal itinerary
  • Book your personal tour guide
  • Book your accommodation and transport
  • Meet you at the airport
  • Help you exchange currency
  • Offer 24 hour on-call service
  • Store and carry your luggage and souvenirs

Planning your trip

We can design a complete itinerary for you including suggestions of our favourite places and things to see. We’ll book all your accommodation and transport, and of course we’ll drive you anywhere you like along the way.

During your trip

We’ll have a friendly driver meet you at the airport and escort you to your destination.

We’ll drive you from each destination to the next - unless you prefer a train or bus which we can also arrange for you.

We will be available 24 hours to drive you around to sightsee and shop.

We’ll recommend great places to see and escort you to wonderful restaurants.

We respect your privacy

If you like your independence, just say so and we can leave you to it - you can see as much or as little of us as you like.

Our driver will arrange his own food and accommodation.


Tour Guide service

A tour guide will travel and accompany the guests throughout the tour. A tour guide in India must have a valid guiding license from the Government of India, where they have to compete an exam and undergo 6 months theoretical and practical training.

An accompanying tour guide or escort will assist you with check-in / check-out at the hotels, as well as guide you through and explain the history of monuments, places, culture, traditions and customs of the Indian people. A tour guide will be at your disposal throughout the tour. The tour guide's fee will always include costs for their accommodation and food.

See our Personal Tour Guide Service for more information.

Private Driver service

A private driver is not your tour guide, as they are not allowed to enter monuments and show you around. A tour driver’s primary job is to drive you safely and smoothly from one place to another.

They can of course take you to good restaurants, nice places, and up to the monument ticket window, as well as give you relevant information about your tour. Your driver will wait until you finish the visit of any particular monument, and will take care of your luggage and belongings. A cost for the car, their food and accommodation will always be included in the driver’s fee. 

See our Private Driver Service for more information including vehicle types and our friendly drivers.

Travelling between North and South India

In South India we will have different tour drivers, as it is not feasible to send a tour driver from North India to South India.

We recommend you hire an accompanying tour guide who will travel with you throughout the tour. A tour guide can maximise your understanding about India.

Terms & Conditions

Please see our service Terms & Conditions.

Sample Tours

We offer you a totally flexible and personal service so you can see India your own way. Here’s a few examples of tours we offer - just for some inspiration!

All of our sample tours can be customised to suit your personal preferences, or request your own personal tour of India.

Small Group Tours

Small group tours mean you don't share your time with a big bus load of people, but rather enjoy your time with like-minded people and not feel rushed.

Small groups save time getting on and off buses, and are much quicker at hotel check-ins and getting through admission gates. So, there’s more time actually enjoying your adventure.

By keeping numbers small we can go to places that big groups can’t, and can find you those personalised, hidden gems off the tourist track.

It’s a wonderful idea for single travellers who want the travel experiences but don’t want to go alone. Our tours are all fully escorted with a guide all the way, along with a highly experienced driver. You can even book a family gathering or with friends and call it your own with a minimum of 6 people.


Add-on activities and experiences

We strive hard to make your trip a unique and memorable experience.

We have come up with some interesting, unique and authentic activities that you can do during your tour in India. These are specially crafted and planned activities with your safety and security in mind, while giving you an enriching unique experience.

Please see the activities and experiences that we offer.

India Personal Tours - Group Tours with Guides & Drivers

Tour Guides and Drivers

Left to right: Alex, Vijay, Dimple, Jageshwar, Nirmal, Manu, Shyam, Narendra (Gudu), Sazeed, Karni, Virendra, Jogender (Jogi).

Our team of tour guides and drivers

We love India and are excited to share it with you. We currently have a dedicated team of 15 people who look forward to helping you discover the authentic India, your way.


See our Personal Tour Guide Service and Private Driver Service

Luxury and boutique hotels and unique accommodation in India


Our preferred hoteliers are those who have shown our clients the care and attention we know you deserve. Our standard hotels are 3-4 Star and many of our clients like to upgrade to 5 Star and 5 Star Luxury, or mix the styles of accommodation within an itinerary.


See our unique accommodation options in India

India Travel Tips from our Tour Guide & Drivers

Travel Tips

India is a wonderful place of the most extreme contrasts and a bit of culture shock is inevitable when you first arrive. Your driver can answer any questions you may have along the way, and help to ensure you travel safely and with respect to local customs.


Roads are very crowded with cars, trucks, bikes, pedestrians and animals and at first glance there seems to be no road rules at all. This is why we recommend using a local driver to navigate and negotiate the busy roads for you.

Food and Drink

Cows are sacred in India, and as a result many Indians do not eat beef – some areas are strictly vegetarian towns. We do not recomend eating lamb as it is not always fresh or refrigerated properly and may cause stomach issues. It is advisable to drink bottled water.

Lunches will be usually on the way in local restaurants. These are the restaurants which function during tourist seasons, they are safe and hygienic. Staff working in these restaurants speak English and are professional. If you are adventurous enough and want to eat in typical local roadside small restaurants, then our driver or guide will take you there.

Temples & Holy Places

Always remove your shoes before entering a Temple or place of religious significance.

It is also recommended that ladies cover their head with a scarf and dress modestly as a measure of respect.

Therefore, carrying a scarf in your day bag always comes in handy.

Taking photos at a death ceremony, or a religious ceremony or of people bathing (in baths or rivers) may cause offence.

Being a tourist

Some of the poorer people may ask or beg for money, this can be distressing to first time travellers especially because many people really do need money. However, we discourage giving money to them, instead, it is better making a donation to the local school or charity.

Indians are very hospitable people and will usually accept your different ways as a foreigner – if in doubt, simply ask your guide.


The telephone Country Code is 91.

Mobile coverage is extensive and SIM cards are cheaply available at the airport on arrival. Or ask your guide to assist you in buying one.

Internet and E-mail can be accessed from an increasing number of hotels and from Internet cafes across the country, many now with Wi-Fi.


A visa is a must for foreigners to enter India.

An electronic visa is easily obtainable through following the steps laid out on the Government of India e-Visa website.

India Personal Tours - Tour Guides & Drivers

Our Team of Guides and Drivers


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